“Judy Blume + Carpenters = Amazingpants” – Los Angeles Magazine

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Karen Carpenter” – the musical mashup parody that originally rocked Los Angeles in 2012 is returning for a one-night-only livestream including commentary from the original cast as well as clips from the SRO productions at the Attic Theatre, The Cavern Club Celebrity Theater, the Hudson

No popcorn for this one…

…but I’m still watching TV in my latest spot for Optimum/Altice USA. But hey, who isn’t binging TV right now, right?

Elite Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

SO hyped to again be able to voice the english dub for the drug-dealing mom, Sandra!

I must love popcorn…

…because I’m eating it again in my new spot for Colonial Life!

And sometimes, only your nose makes it…

…into the spot. Yep, that’s my snout, chin, and profile, munching on popcorn in this new spot for HomeAdvisor. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ZjBx/homeadvisor-game-day Ah, well. That popcorn was sure tasty!

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